Mykonos, Part 1

It’s September and the tourist season is almost over. Only a handful of travellers trickle off the ferry at the port of Mykonos. Hundreds of bronzed backpackers and party people with sun-bleached hair surge up the gangplank for the return journey to Athens. They are taking the blue skies and sunshine with them.

Mykonos town
Mykonos town

The hills loom beyond the port, dark and forbidding against a heavy, grey sky.  They are strewn with huge boulders, thrown down, according to legend, by the gods, in a battle long, long ago.  Low stone houses glow, white against the cliffs, their blue shutters closed against the cold. Weeks, or perhaps even days ago, they would have sparkled in the sunlight, their doors and windows open to the breeze.


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