A History of Prague, Part 11, A New Era

In November, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and the Velvet Revolution swept Prague into another new era. In 1993, after the division of Czechoslovakia, the city became the capital of the new Czech Republic, comprising the regions of Prague and Central Bohemia.

Pristine building in Prague's Old Town Square
Pristine building in Prague’s Old Town Square

In this new era, Prague’s architecture began to blossom again. Historic buildings were restored and a programme of meticulous and continuous maintenance began. The city’s conversion to electric heating ensured Prague a future free from the devastations of coal pollution. The old town became a Unesco heritage listed site, preserved forever for posterity. World-famous architects, too, like Frank O. Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Eva Jiricna, and Ricardo Bofill added modern masterpieces to the cityscape.

By the turn of the century, Prague had fulfilled the promise of the first Premyslid Princess Libuse “It will honoured, favoured with great repute and praise will be bestowed upon it by the entire world”

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