Plaza Lavalle, Buenos Aires

Just a few blocks to the northwest of Buenos Aires’ busy, noisy Avenida 9 de Julio, lies the lovely Plaza Lavalle. We discovered it quite by chance as we followed a quiet and blissfully car-free passage off and away from the ceaseless roar and rush of the world’s widest avenue.

Plaza Lavalle
Plaza Lavalle

Plaza Lavalle centres on a small park, shaded by tall palms and leafy trees, with lawns edged by low wrought-iron fences, worn, dirt paths and statues planted in dry, overgrown gardens.

On one side of Plaza Lavalle stands the Palacio de Justicia and the imposing Tribunales, or federal courts. On another, ornate apartment buildings lend an air of old France. Narrow art nouveau and plain “modern” buildings sit side by side. On the northeast end of the Plaza is Argentina’s largest synagogue, Templo de la Congregacio Isrealito, its narrow facade adorned with the symbols of the faith.

Peaceful. pretty and with an air of faded grandeur, Plaza Lavalle is a glimpse of old Buenos Aires.


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