The tango

Beauty, passion and tragedy are the essentials of romance and Buenos Aires’ history and culture is steeped in it. There the stories of Evita and Che, the poetry of Jorge Luis Borges, the haunting music of the Andes and old Spain and a host of heart-rending songs.

The tango brings Via Florida to a standstill
The tango brings Via Florida to a standstill

Then there’s the tango!  Born in the dockland bordellos and shunned for many years by polite society, the tango, now, defines Buenos Aires.  It flourishes in the clubs and is the centrepiece of every great spectacle. It owns the streets and a group of dancers, dancing out their stories of love and loss and longing can bring whole corners of the city to a standstill.

Buenos Aires is as beautiful, as passionate, as tragic and as romantic as the tango.



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