Qualia dawn

Qualia dawns are signalled by bird song and the whisper of the breeze in the trees. Top of the list of daily activities, left on my bedside table last night is qualia Yoga “a unique style born from the natural qualia essences found only on the Great Barrier Reef” It promises “a gentle journey of introspection…the perfect way to awaken your body and senses before embarking on a day of relaxation, exploration and rejuvenation” It’s irresistible. So, unplugging our little car we tootle off through the trees to the open air yoga and meditation pavilion.

Qualia's Pebble Beach
Qualia’s Pebble Beach

There’s something truly wonderful about early morning exercise al fresco. Is it that old childhood urge to run outside and play in the new day or the instinct to stretch after sleep, or the feel of the cool morning air on the skin? Anyway, after qualia Yoga’s gentle journey of introspection (where I clear my mind of all care) I am renewed, relaxed, awake, ready for the day and for breakfast.

In the Long Pavilion, the sun slants through the trees, birds sing and the air is fragrant with coffee. I’m a breakfast person and a breakfast buffet person. The buffet at qualia is minimalist and rather disappointing.  It’s not late when we arrive in the restaurant but it seems, well, somewhat tired too. By contrast, the “full, cooked breakfasts at the neighbouring table look large and lively with steam curling from generous mounds of bacon and eggs and juice still sizzling at the edges. I chew rather regretfully on my whole-grain roll and console myself with the bottomless coffee as I ponder again the qualia daily activities list. Still so much to do and so little time!