Luxury and indulgence at Spa qualia

Spa qualia sits at the heart of the resort. Like all qualia buildings, it is designed to draw the outside in and awaken the sensory imagination. Soft salt breezes waft in from the sea and the views out over the Whitsundays are sublime.

The view from the qualia pavilion bathroom
The view from the qualia pavilion bathroom

The Spa qualia ethos is to provide a unique Australian experience whilst respecting both the health and wellbeing of clients and the precious island environment.

All Spa qualia’s treatments are authentically Australian, drawing on indigenous, yet contemporary approaches. They aim to rebalance the synergy between mind and body and to capture the essence of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. All the products used have been selected because they embody the Spa qualia ethos.

Spa qualia offers ten different categories of luxury spa experiences –  Sublime Facials, Quintessential Massage, Footprints and Fingerprints (manicures and pedicures), Indigenous Offerings, It’s a Man’s World, Signature Ceremonies, Additional Indulgences, Body Elements, Couples Treatments and the Day Spa Experience. Within those categories are dozens of different treatments.

Decisions! Decisions!!

After careful study and with my sensory imagination fully fired, I settle for a Sublime Facial called Aquum Elixir, a warm infusing mask with an intensive boost of vitamins and minerals  which promises to saturate my skin for deep nourishment, hydration, firming and regeneration – fabulous!

From It’s a Man’s World, my husband chooses Wild Oats, a full body salt scrub, rain shower, hydrating back massage, spa facial, scalp treatment, hand and foot treatment. .

The Spa qualia experience fulfils all of its promises. It’s pure luxury and indulgence and it’s definitely a deeper sensory experience.

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