Rotorua is often jokingly called Rotovegas, because, like Los Vegas USA, Rotorua is a show town.

The click of the piupiu
The click of the piupiu

Many of the country’s stars, like the great, now departed, Sir Howard Morrison, got their start playing the summer concerts down at the Soundshell on the lake front, in the old Tama dance hall at Ohinemsutu or the city’s many tourist hotels.

Some of the country’s greatest Kapa Haka, or Maori Concert Parties, call Rotorua home.

A Maori concert is a not-to-be-missed Rotorua experience. You’ll quake at the force and energy of the haka, or posture dance, marvel at the skill and beauty of the twirling pois, at the dexterity of the waiata-a-ringa or action songs and at the magical harmonies of a mass of golden voices. Then there’s the rhythmic click of the swinging piupiu, or flax skirts.

You can catch some the of best Kapa Haka performances nightly at any one of the hotels around the city and at lunch time at Te Puia Village.

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