French Flair

The French are famous for their flair. They seem to be able to add a touch of artistry to anything, no matter how challenging.


Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles
Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles

In the Rue Des Halles in Paris, Julien Aurouze runs a pest extermination business. Wiping out rats, mice, cockroaches and all the other vermin that haunt our houses is a ghastly, gruesome job. These repulsive pests hardly bear thinking about, let alone looking at. Yet, in Julien Aurouze’s shop window rodents and insects are arranged with such artistry and flair that they’re compelling and even in a strange, ghoulish kind of way, pretty.


Julien Aurouze’s Destruction des Animaux Nuisibles in Rue Des Halles are indeed proof that the French can add flair and artistry to anything.