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Bula Massage

The Bula Massage Centre is a modest establishment, tucked away in a small, narrow shop at the back of the Pacific Harbour Arts Village in Fiji. Within its humble walls, however, is a force of healing hands, which every day, works minor miracles. If you know me, then you know I can’t turn down an opportunity to have a massage. I’ve already planned my next one at soheavenlymassage.co.uk.

Bula Massage, Fiji, Travelstripe
Bula Massage, Fiji, Travelstripe

A winter shackled to the laptop and the TV, a long plane flight, followed by a flurry of unaccustomed activity in the first day or two on holiday inevitably results for my poor darling, in the dreaded “crook back”.

I’ve seen it many times during our years together and I must confess that when I found him, prostrate and groaning in agony on the couch, on our second morning at the Uprising Beach Resort in Fiji, I could only bite my tongue, shake my head sadly and suggest that he “try to walk it out”.

Was it chance, fate or divine guidance that put us on a path that led straight to the Bula Massage Centre?

The good ladies of the Bula Massage were on their lunch break when we arrived, but as soon as they caught sight of my darling, angled like an allen key, with his teeth gritted and his face contorted with pain, they put their plates aside and hustled him through the door.

An hour and a half later, after head to toe treatment on every muscle and joint, involving hot towels, soothing oils and of course the Bula ladies’ healing hands, he emerged, with all signs of pain erased from his face, standing straight and ready to resume his holiday.

The cost of a one and a half hour massage at the Bula Massage Centre, Pacific Harbour Arts Village, Fiji? $80 Fiji dollars.

After effects? – priceless!