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Siam Nirimit

Don’t miss Bangkok’s Siam Nirimit!

Demonstration of floral art at Siam Nirimit
Demonstration of floral art at Siam Nirimit

If you’re visiting Bangkok and you don’t have the days, the weeks, the months, the years or even the lifetime that it would take to explore Thailand’s rich culture, spend an evening at Bangkok’s Siam Nirimit.

Siam Nirimit shopping offers a wonderful range of souvenirs, from the ubiquitous elephants to rare, Thai silks.

The restaurant caters to all requirements, from Halal to vegetarian, while the Thai buffet covers all the popular dishes and introduces many to tempt the more discerning palates too.

In the model village, the visitor can walk through traditional rural Thai houses, see displays of traditional fishing gear, including boats and watch demonstrations of floral art and silk processing.

The highlight at Siam Nirimit, though, is the spectacular show which in three parts, showcases Thai history, culture and religion.

Part One,  A journey back in History, takes the audience back in time to life as it was in the beginning, in Thailand’s North, South Seas, North-East and Central Plains regions.

Part Two, A Journey Beyond Imagination, explores the three worlds, which according to common Thai belief, which await us all after death. In the Fiery Hall condemned souls are punished for their sins. In Mystical Himapaan  magical creatures and demi-gods reside. In Blissful heaven the god Indra reigns and angels dance

Part Three, A Journey Through Joyous Festivals, explores the festivals, like Songkran, Phitakhon and Loy Krathong, which combine religious observance with celebration.

Involving over 500 actors singers and dancers, thousands of stunning costumes and extraordinary props, sets and special effects including flowing water, growing rice and rain showers, this show is extraordinary and unforgettable.

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Seri Melayu, a Malaysian showcase

The Seri Melayu Theatre Restaurant, on Kuala Lumpur’s Jalan Conlay aims ‘to provide a holistic cultural experience enriched by authentic cuisine, décor, music and dance and Malay hospitality ….” (Restaurant brochure)

Dancers and guests at Seri Melayu
Dancers and guests at Seri Melayu

Architecturally, the Seri Melayu is a showcase of Malay traditions. Made entirely from local timbers, it is styled on the rumah kampong the old Malay house, with elongated windows and wide eaves. The gabled roof, with the traditional Tunjuk Langit at its apex, is inspired by the dwellings of the Perak and Malacca. A tiled Malaccan stairway leads up to a wide verandah with carved rails. Tall wooden doors, thick with intricate carvings, open into the restaurant’s richly paneled lobby. The huge dining hall is designed and decorated in the luxurious style of the Malay Istana or palace. Its walls are paneled in wood and along its centre are four elaborately carved columns or Tiang Seri. At the ceiling the carvings merge and blossom into a giant hibiscus. The central column is another feature of the traditional rumah kampong and in the old Malay home it was of great importance and significance as the mainstay of the house.

If the Seri Melayu’s décor evokes the ambience of the Istana, its buffet of gourmet Malay cuisine evokes the generous traditions of palace hospitality. Presentation, variety and abundance are hallmarks of this extensive, colourful, sumptuous feast. Catering to local gourmets as well as foreign tourists, there are dishes to tempt and please all palates, from the afficiando to the initiate. There are satays, laksas and redangs, in a dozen different forms, and as many other ikan, goring and acar items. The desserts are delicious and include kueh mueh (little local cakes) and tempoyek (fermented durian) Choice is difficult and over-indulgence a real hazard.

The Seri Melayu’s cultural performance of Malay music and dance is another kind of feast. Featuring some of Malaysia’s famous folk dances, accompanied by the traditional string instrument and drums, in a parade of gorgeous costumes, it is a breath-taking spectacle of sound movement and colour.

For the tourist an evening at Seri Melayu is a total, traditional Malaysian cultural and culinary experience, in a setting typical of old Malaya.  Magical! But please, don’t wear shorts or you’ll be obliged to don a sarong before you enter!