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Mercado Central, Santiago

Constructed as part of the remodelling of Santiago towards the end of the 19th century, the Mercado Central, on Puente Street, reflects the wealth generated by the nitrate boom in Chile at this time.

Mercado Central
Mercado Central

The turreted, towered, neo-classical building with its vaulted ceilings and grand entrances was originally intended as an exhibition building for local artists. However in 1872, President Frederico Errazurriz Zanartu, decided that it would be the Santiago’s Central Market and so it has been ever since.

Today, the Mercado Central is a landmark in the city. It flourishes as a fresh food market which showcases Chilean Seafood and traditional Chilean dishes like seafood stew and Conger Eel Broth.

Like markets the world over, Santiago’s Mercado Central is a kind crossroads, where farmers, fishermen, vintners and orchardists from all over the region mingle with locals and tourists and where there are faces from every race and languages from every corner of the globe.