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Pest, Part 7, Virosliget and the Szchenyi Baths

Behind the heroes monument lies Virosliget or the City Park, a rambling expanse of trees, lawn, flower beds and ponds. The Budapest Zoo surrounds it and the riotous Vidam Fun Park sprawls along its edge.

Szchenyi Baths
Szchenyi Baths

Vajdahundad Castle, a copy of the Janos Hunyadi’s castle in Romania, stands on an island in Virosliget’s artificial lake. It now houses the Museum of Agriculture.

At Virosliget’s centre are the famous Szchenyi Baths, a huge neo-baroque complex with full spa facilities – steam baths, saunas and hot pools – as well as a fabulous communal swimming pool. And the Szchenyi Baths, after a long walk, filled with amazing sights and new discoveries is a great place to finish the day.